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Reducing latencies in vGPU assisted VDI

VirtuCache is installed in VMware vSphere kernel. It then automatically caches frequently and recently used data from any backend storage to any high speed media (RAM/SSD) in the VMware host. By bringing large amounts of 'hot' data closer to the VMware host GPU and CPU, VirtuCache improves the performance of all applications running within VMs including GPU assisted operations.

VMware’s vFlash Read Cache (VFRC) versus Virtunet’s Read+Write Caching

The biggest difference is that we cache reads and writes, VMware's VFRC caches only reads. Caching writes improves the performance of not only writes, but also of reads, and even in a read dominated workload.1 Then there are other differences as well – With VFRC, the in-host SSD has to be carved out amongst VMs and capacity manually assigned to each VMDK.2 Such manual assignment of cache capacity on a per VM basis is not required with VirtuCache; With VFRC, if a host fails or even...