Problems We Address

As the cost of components used in storage appliances has reduced drastically, those cost savings have not trickled down to end user IT consumers. For instance EMC, the leading storage OEM enjoyed 61% gross margin (2016). By comparison, Super Micro which sells commodity servers, had a gross margin of 15%. These numbers go to prove that in the enterprise storage space, cost savings resulting from the commoditization of hardware components have not trickled down to end user IT consumers.

A decade ago higher margins in the storage industry were justified because expensive purpose built hardware was needed for building an enterprise storage appliance. However over the past few years, with the advent of high core count x86 CPUs, iSCSI (over 10gbps Ethernet) effectively competing with Fiber Channel SAN, high capacity (12TB) hard drives, SSDs over standard SATA interface having low latencies and longer lives, meant that all the hardware that goes into a traditional enterprise storage appliance is now available off-the-shelf. Also, the ability for enterprise IT consumers to easily mix and match chassis, motherboards, hard drives, SSDs, and NICs, meant that a storage appliance of any capacity and performance can be put together using off-the-shelf components, provided there was software to do so. This is where we come in. It is our mission to develop software that stitches together off-the-shelf hardware to satisfy the diverse storage needs of any enterprise IT organization, and as a result deliver cost savings to IT organizations made possible by the use of commodity components, and without sacrificing storage functionality like high availability, fault tolerance, low latencies, and easily scaling out capacity & performance, that enterprises have come to rely on from big brand storage OEMs.

Company Background

Virtunet Systems was founded by Bappa Sinha and Parag Patkar in 2010 with the idea of alleviating storage IO issues within virtualized servers.

Our team is made up of kernel engineers and sales folks from various systems and virtualization startups that were ultimately acquired by Intel, Netapp, Alcatel-Lucent, and HP.

We have been profitable and debt free every year since founding, and we are entirely employee owned.

We count Seagate, Cisco, France Telecom, Tellabs, Western Digital, UCLA, Stanford, Service Now, Verint, as customers.