Seagate Chooses VirtuCache for its 1200 Accelerator Product Line to Increase VM Densities for VDI Deployments

Seagate’s Enterprise SSD business unit manufacturers and sells high performance enterprise grade Solid State Drives (SSDs). Seagate realized that enterprise SSDs were well suited for the fast growing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) space. Since most VDI deployments use VMware vSphere, Seagate was interested in partnering with a software vendor that could compliment their SSDs to address storage IO issues in VMware based VDI deployments.

Listed below are the specific criteria that Seagate was looking for in a software solution.

  1. Since their SAS or SATA SSDs could be readily deployed in any server, Seagate was looking for a server side software solution that could be bundled with their SSDs.
  2. The software had to be as easy to install in the server as the SSD itself.
  3. The overall cost of the solution needed to be quite a bit cheaper than other alternatives.
  4. Since latencies are a big issue in VDI deployments, such a solution needed to achieve at a minimum the same latencies even at high 2gbps throughput, as would be achieved if the VMware server was connected to an all-flash array.
  5. This server side solution had to eke throughput and latencies from the Seagate SSD that were closer to raw SSD throughput and latencies than rest of the competition. This was especially so because Seagate had recently announced 12 gbps SAS SSDs, whose latencies were comparable to the more expensive PCIe Flash cards. So if a high performance server side SAN acceleration software could be paired with these new Seagate SSDs, then this combination could effectively compete with all-flash storage appliances on the one hand and in-server PCIe Flash cards on the other.
  6. Lastly, increased VM densities had to be demonstrated versus competition.

Caching from SAN to in-Host SSD to Improve Performance of Call Center Workflow Management

Call Center Workflow Management software is storage IO intensive since it deals with ingesting and analyzing large volumes of audio. By caching from slower storage to in-host SSDs/DRAM, VirtuCache improves storage performance considerably thus improving performance of Call Center Workflow software running within VMs.
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