Virtunet powers storage in The Ark

Virtunet powers storage in The Ark

The Ark Encounter, in Williamstown, Kentucky, features a full-size Noah’s Ark built according to the dimensions of the Bible. Answers in Genesis (AiG) is the Christian ministry responsible for The Ark Encounter, along with The Creation Museum, in nearby Petersburg, Kentucky.

AiG’s IT department had a few hosts spread across The Ark and The Creation Museum. Their VMware hosts were connected to HP LeftHand Networks appliances. As a result of increased ticket sales and new development projects at the The Ark and The Creation Museum, their VMware workload increased dramatically, which in turn resulted in performance issues within VMs.

AiG turned to VirtuCache to mitigate their storage latency issues. By caching frequently used data to in-host SSDs, Virtunet immediately resolved their storage performance issues and without requiring AiG to upgrade any of their SAN or storage equipment.

Virtunet at The Ark Encounter

Tony Ramsek, IT manager for the AiG with Nina Fletcher, Account Manager for Virtunet Systems