Kernel Engineer

Job Title – Kernel Engineer

Experience – Mid-Senior Level

Employment Type – Full-time

Location – New Delhi, India

Company Description

Virtunet Systems ( develops and markets two software solutions in the storage space. VirtuCache is software that improves the performance of any SAN based storage appliance and storage network, and VirtuStor is software that clusters commodity servers together and presents it as an iSCSI storage target.

Job Description

We are looking for an Engineer to contribute to VMware driver level software to cluster in-server SSDs together.

There are many issues around mirroring, clustering, caching, de-dupe etc that need to be figured out. We are looking for someone with experience and confidence of doing the above with rest of the team.

Since we are still small, this person will have a big role in defining the future of our company and the ownership levels will reflect the importance of this role. Also we are profitable and entirely employee owned, and so we can provide far better ownership levels than our VC funded competitors.

Desired Skills and Expertise

Driver level work on Linux or VMware kernel is a must.

Excellent knowledge of data structures, kernel internals and programming concepts.

CS engg. graduate from a good college.

5 plus years experience.

Storage driver development experience preferred though not required.


Please contact Bappa Sinha at if you are interested in this job.