(2 min video) How a hospital used VirtuStor software to create an iSCSI SAN appliance using commodity physical servers.

We develop two software products.

VirtuCache and VirtuStor

VirtuCache is software installed on the VMware host that automatically caches recently and frequently used data (reads and writes) from any networked block based storage appliance to any in-VMware host SSD (and/or RAM). By doing so we improve the storage performance of VMware VMs, without requiring you to upgrade or replace your existing storage appliance or network.

VirtuStor is another software from us, that can be installed on any commodity physical servers. It then clusters these servers together and presents this cluster as a traditional iSCSI appliance. You can mix and match servers, hard drives, and SSDs of any make, model, and antiquity. You can scale up storage by hot adding servers and drives.

(2 min video) How VirtuCache improved storage performance for VMware VMs for Onhold Inc. without requiring a storage appliance upgrade.