VirtuCache is a VMWare Partner certified, kernel mode software solution which performs host side caching for VMWare ESXi hosts by clustering in host SSD & RAM across a VMWare Cluster.

Host side caching is an “out of the box” storage architecture which enables scalable and extremely high performance storage without requiring expensive and disruptive storage overhaul.

VirtuCache caches both Reads and Writes. Write Cache is protected by mirroring write data to other hosts on the cluster. Caching is fully automatic and cache capacity is dynamically allocated to VMs based on usage patterns requiring no administrative/manual intervention.

Seamless deployment with zero storage reconfiguration. Caching policy can be applied at datastore and/or VM level.


(2 min video) How a hospital used VirtuStor software to create an iSCSI SAN appliance using commodity physical servers.

(2 min video) How VirtuCache improved storage performance for VMware VMs for Onhold Inc. without requiring a storage appliance upgrade.

“We have deployed VirtuCache across our Global VMware infrastructure since 2011. Though our storage arrays and networks have changed over these past ten years, having gone from EMC Clariion FC arrays to Hitachi HDS, to newer technologies like StorSimple, and CohoData and now to IBM arrays, the one thing that has stayed constant in the Storage IO path these many years is Virtunet’s ESXi caching software. We currently pair Virtucache with host RAM to reduce latencies in all our VMs. The VMs that are specifically benefited are Database VMs, our ERP applications, Exchange, Domain Controllers and VDI VMs”

Mike Johnson
Director, Global IT Infrastructure
The Myers Briggs Company

“We are a healthcare organization with the typical mix of EMR applications, Imaging systems, VDI that run in VMware. We first used VirtuCache to improve the performance of CEPH storage which was very cost effective for us. We have since acquired a reasonably priced Seagate All-Flash Array to power our VDI and EMR applications, and we continue to see the benefits of VirtuCache accelerating the Seagate AFA as well. Especially for our VDI VMs, VirtuCache caches to ESXi RAM which results in very low latencies in our VDI VMs”

Jonathan Hatfield
Director of IT and Compliance, Public Records Officer
Klickitat Valley Health


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