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About Us

What We Do

We develop two software solutions.

Our VirtuCache host side caching software improves the storage performance of VMware and SAN infrastructure without requiring replacing any existing server, networking, and storage components.  VirtuCache does this by automatically caching all data (reads and writes) from VMware VMs to any storage media in the VMware host (RAM, Flash, and PMEM).

With our VirtuStor server storage software, our customers build SAN storage arrays using any server, networking, and storage components. VirtuStor clusters together commodity servers and presents this cluster of servers to VMware hosts as an iSCSI storage device.

Both our solutions are easy to use; can use any hardware components; provide the lowest $/GB for storage capacity and $/IOPS for storage performance of any solution in the market; and without compromising performance, resilience, and failure resolution times required of enterprise grade storage.

Company Background

Virtunet Systems was founded in 2010. VirtuCache was first deployed at customers in 2012 and VirtuStor in 2016.

Our team is made up of software engineers and business folks from various Systems and Virtualization startups that were ultimately acquired by Intel, Netapp, Alcatel-Lucent, and HP.

We have been profitable and debt free every year since founding, and we are entirely employee owned.

We have over 800 enterprise IT departments as customers. This includes large organizations like Western Digital, AXA, UCLA, Stanford, ServiceNow, Verint, Providence Health, Finland Railways; OEMs like Seagate, Cisco, Tellabs; large Service Providers like France Telecom, Viasat; many local government IT departments; regional Managed Service Providers; and small business IT departments.

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