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Reducing Write Latencies in CEPH Storage

July 22, 2016:

CEPH is a popular open source storage software. However its write latencies are high. VirtuCache caches CEPH volumes to in-host SSDs and by doing so reduces VM level latencies considerably.

A Counter Intuitive Approach to Solve the High Capacity, Low Latency Requirements for Video Storage

June 14, 2017: By not using dedupe, compression, or RAID, using slow HDDs in centralized storage, and moving SSDs to compute hosts, we arrived at low price per capacity and performance for video storage. Here are unique requirements of video storage, some are obvious and others not so much, that inspired us to put together a different architecture than the conventional storage OEM...

PetaByte Scale Enterprise Grade Server SAN Storage for The Creation Museum

September 17, 2017:

Creation Museum in Kentucky, USA is a museum about Bible history and creationism. Their storage needs were typical of a museum, requiring large amounts of storage for digital multimedia content related to the various exhibits at the museum.