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VirtuStor Customer Benefits

VirtuStor Customer Benefits

Below are a few aspects unique only to the VirtuStor architecture.

  1. Configuration flexibility. Storage of any capacity and performance can be assembled quickly by selecting appropriately sized servers.

  2. Hot add/replace components without any downtime.

  3. No vendor lock-in for hardware. Servers from any vendor can be used to build the VirtuStor cluster.

  4. Lower cost hardware. Since VirtuStor uses commodity servers, it is cheap. Also expensive servers from Dell or HP are not needed. Cheaper alternatives from tier-2 server suppliers like Quanta, Inspur, SuperMicro suffice (due to their lower cost, these Tier-2 ODMs supply server hardware to cloud SPs as well).

  5. No End-Of-Life. Much like undersea corrals whose polyps die every few years but the corral colony lives on, the VirtuStor SAN server cluster has no end-of-life date since older servers can be swapped out with newer ones continuously, with the filesystem and data living on infinitely, without any disruption.

Then there are the below VirtuStor features that are on par with enterprise grade storage appliances from big brand storage OEMs.

  1. Low latency performance comparable to all-flash arrays especially if VirtuCache host side caching accelerates VirtuStor.

  2. PetaByte scale storage.

  3. Sustain hardware and software failure of one or two similar components (depending on replication factor) without affecting storage performance.

  4. SAN based snapshots.

  5. Sync volumes across multiple VirtuStor clusters over LAN/WAN.

  6. Encrypted data at rest.

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