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After VM is restored or migrated to the cluster that uses VirtuCache, the VM doesn’t show in the VirtuCache GUI

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If you create a new VM, or restore a VM from backup or replica, or migrate a VM from another cluster to the cluster that runs VirtuCache and if you don’t see the new VM in the VirtuCache GUI, try the below three tasks before you open a ticket.

1. Use Chrome or Firefox and not IE.

2. Logout of the VirtuCache GUI and log back in. See if the VM shows now.

3. If the VM still doesn’t show in the GUI, goto esxcli of the host thatĀ hosts the VM, type vnxcli to start VirtuCache CLI, then type list-vms to see if the VM shows in the list of VMs.

If the VM still doesn’t show, open a ticket with us.

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