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Applying a New Temporary License Key for VirtuCache

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VirtuCache license key file is of the type lic_vnx2*.vib

The key is installed using the below command:

esxcli software vib install -v "file:///vmfs/volumes/[datastore name]/lic_vnx2*.vib"

where [datastore name] is the Datastore location the vib has been copied to.

In case you are updating¬†an existing key (that might be temporary, permanent, expired, or still active) with another key, you don’t need to stop caching or uninstall the old key. Simply install the new license .vib on each host using the esxcli command shown above. There is no need for maintenance mode. You can install the key while your production VMs are running on the host. The old key will be automatically overwritten with the new key and VirtuCache caching driver will automatically recognize the new key. There will be no interruption in caching.

A VirtuCache temporary license key file can be applied to any ESXi Host, ESXi version, and VirtuCache driver version.

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