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Collecting Physical Disk Performance Statistics for Windows VMs using Perfmon

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To collect Perfmon log data in Windows:
1. Click Start > Run, type perfmon.exe, and click OK.
2. Under the User Defined folder, click New > Data Collector Set. I later Windows versions this menu is flipped. So ‘User Defined folder’ is under ‘Data Collector Set’.
3. Enter a name for your Data Collector Set.
4. Select Create manually and click Next.
5. Under Create Data Logs, select Performance Counter called ‘Physical Disk’.
6. Add these objects for the ‘Physical Disk’ counter:
• Avg Disk Bytes/Transfer
• Avg Disk Queue Length
• Avg Disk sec/Read
• Avg Disk sec/Write
• Disk Read Bytes / sec
• Disk Write Bytes / sec
7. Select sample interval
8. Specify the location where you want to save the data.
9. To start the Data Collector Set immediately, select Start this data collector set now.
10. Once the windows based tests are run, stop the Data Collector Set.To stop the Data Collector Set, right-click Data Collector Set under User Defined and click Stop.

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