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Datastores not showing in VirtuCache GUI when only one host is in the cluster

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Datastores might not show up in the VirtuCache GUI when there is only a single host in the cluster. This is because VMware’s API tells us (incorrectly) that the datastores are not shared storage, which they in fact are. Adding another host to the cluster will fix this problem.  This is only a GUI problem and doesn’t affect the performance or functionality of VirtuCache caching.

Our engineering has decided to not fix this issue because (a) it is very rare for a single host cluster to exist in production (b) VMs still show in the VirtuCache GUI and you can apply caching policy at the VM level (c) if you must apply caching policy at the Datastore level (and not VM level) for a single host cluster, you can do so using the VirtuCache CLI.

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