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Dell Equallogic Appliance

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If the customer has a Dell Equallogic Appliance appliance then it might have the Dell MPP (rare), in which case VirtuCache won’t work.

But more than likely they will have the VMware PSP (either RR, Fixed or MRU), which case VirtuCache will work just fine.

They could also have DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED PSP from Dell, in which case VirtuCache will replace it with VirtuCache RR PSP. The DELL_PSP_EQL_ROUTED  PSP load balances across all paths to Eql controllers simultaneously versus the VMW RR/ Fixed/MRU PSP sends requests down one path at a time, so the Dell Routed PSP pushes more traffic to the Equallogic appliance and hence is higher performing for the EQL appliance by 10-20% versus any VMware PSP. []

If the customer has many controllers in the EQL appliance and many NIC ports on ESXI host, then because there are many paths to the Eql appliance, it is possible that the storage infrastructure is considerably high performing versus VMware RR / Fixed / MRU PSP and so the performance boost using VirtuCache might not be in the 10x range that we see with older storage appliances.

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