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Ensuring that Infinio is uninstalled before installing VirtuCache

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A prerequisite to installing VirtuCache is that all other host side caching software be uninstalled.

Infinio is one such host side caching software, recently end-of-lifed.

Below are steps to ensure that Infinio is indeed removed from the ESXi host.

SSH to the ESXi host and make sure the below command doesn’t return any output.
If using Infinio 4.0:
esxcli software vib list | grep iniaccel
If using Infinio 3.x:
esxcli software vib list | grep inf

Check that Infinio daemon is not running.
If using Infinio 4.0:
# ps | grep iniaccel
If using Infinio 3.x:
ps | grep inf

Removing stale configuration files:
Go to the /store/ directory on each host, and if they exist, delete only the following files:

You can also use this Python script to run all the above steps on the ESXi host.

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