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Figuring out Transport Mode and Storage Controller Snapshots in Veeam

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A follow-on thread to the below two KB articles,
KB article on VirtuCache interoperability with Veeam, Zerto, Commvault, Avamar, AppAssure, and Tivoli backup and replication software. 
KB article on how to flush write cache to SAN if using SAN controller snapshots with Veeam and or Direct SAN Access Transport Mode in Veeam. 

is how to find out the ‘Transport Mode’ that Veeam is using and how to find out if Veeam is using storage appliance snapshots or VMware snapshots.

Figuring out Veeam ‘Transport Mode’

Goto ‘Backup Proxies’ > Right click on your Backup Proxy > Goto ‘Properties’ > In the ‘Server’ section highlighted in the Properties window, you will see a ‘Transport Mode’ field > Click ‘Choose’ to show the ‘Transport Mode’ and related config (screenshot below).

Veeam using storage controller snapshots

Goto Veeam console > Jobs > Home > Select a Backup Job > Edit > select ‘Storage’ on the left Navigation pane in the window > click ‘Advanced’ button > ‘Integration’ tab > Now you will see a screen like below, which shows if the backup is being done from storage snapshots. If the check box for ‘Enable backup from storage snapshots’ is not checked, then the backup is happening using VMware snapshots.

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