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Supported Horizon View VDI features

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Linked Clones, persistent and non persistent VDI, Instant Clones, AppVolumes, vGPU and other advanced features of Horizon View VDI are supported.

The only feature in View we don’t support is VSA (View Storage Accelerator). VSA caches VM disk data to Host memory, and hence it competes with VirtuCache. But it can only use a maximum of 2GB of Host memory as cache, versus VirtuCache can use much larger amounts of Host RAM or SSD as cache. Also VirtuCache caches both reads and writes. Please turn off VSA while using VirtuCache.

In the case of instant clones and non persistent VDI, you should set caching policy at the Datastore level, and not at the VM level, since VMs and vDisks keep getting destroyed and recreated, as users log off and log on, so applying caching policies at the VM level won’t work well, since with each new VM you will have to now goto the VirtuCache GUI and apply a caching policy to this newly created VM. Instead, you should apply caching policy at the Datastore level. The Datastore level policy will then automatically get applied to all VMs within that Datastore. In general, in a VDI situation, its best to set caching policies at the Datastore level and not at the VM level, since the number of VMs in VDI are much larger than Datastores and so it’s convenient to apply policies at the Datastore level than to each VM.

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