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How to delete VirtuCache vclient plugin in VMware’s HTML5 GUI?

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Goto https://vcenter IP address/mob

enter vCenter credentials
then click on ‘content’ hyperlink in the line that says
Content | ServiceContent | content

Then click on ‘ExtensionManager’ in the line that says
extensionManager | ManagedObjectReference:ExtensionManager | ExtensionManager

Then in the ‘Properties’ box , you will see ‘extensionList’, and in that list you will see one or more of these three VirtuCache plugins.
extensionList[“com.virtunetsystems.vnx2.vsphere_6dot7_plugin”] Extension
extensionList[“com.virtunetsystems.vnx2ui”] | Extension
extensionList[“com.virtunetsystems.vnx2.vsphere_windows_client_plugin”] | Extension

The VirtuCache plugin com.virtunetsystems.vnx2.vsphere_6dot7_plugin is for HTML5 vCenter client in vCenter 6.7U1 and higher ; com.virtunetsystems.vnx2ui is for Flash vCenter client in vCenter 6.5 – 6.7U1;  com.virtunetsystems.vnx2.vsphere_windows_client_plugin is for .Net (thick) vCenter client in vCenter 5.5 – 6.5. Depending on how long back you installed VirtuCache, you might have VirtuCache plugins for one or more vCenter clients.

In the same screen, in the ‘Methods’ box
click on ‘UnregisterExtension’

Then enter the plugin names as shown below. Enter only one plugin name at a time in the ‘UnregisterExtension’ box, and click ‘Invoke Method’ hyperlink. It will return the message ‘Method Invocation Result: void’, which means that the plugin has been removed.


Refresh the ‘ExtensionManager’ web page that was showing those plugin extensions before and now you shouldn’t see those plugins anymore.


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