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How to find the build number of VirtuCache caching driver software?

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VirtuCache has 3 software components. The management VM (*.OVA file), the license file (lic*.vib), and the caching driver (vnx2*.vib). The caching driver software is the most critical software component of VirtuCache since it handles all caching operations and it is the only VirtuCache software component that’s in the storage IO path.
The version of the VirtuCache caching driver software is its build number. The build number is the last 4 numbers of the caching driver vib file that precedes the file extension (.vib), so VirtuCache driver file name of the type vnx2-1.0-1vmw., tells us that the build number is 2668.
You can also find the same build number by going to esxcli and typing this command:
esxcli software vib list | grep vnx2
The last four numbers for the vnx2 line item (highlighted in bold below as an example), that is output from this command, is the build number.
vnx2 1.0-1vmw.                Virtunet_Systems            PartnerSupported              2019-09-07

The build number is important because all hosts in the same cluster need to have the same build number installed on each host.

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