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How to Quickly Change the Boot Device for VMware ?

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Blade servers have only two slots for HDDs or SSDs. If the customer was booting from HDD on blades prior to VirtuCache, then they will need to replace the HDDs with another booting scheme once they buy VirtuCache, since VirtuCache needs to use SSDs on the local SAS/SATA slots. So now the customer should reconfigure the host to boot from either SAN or USB/Dimm/DOM on the Motherboard . If the customer chooses to boot from the SAN or local USB/local DIMMs.
To quickly setup a new boot partition, it is useful to backup the Host configuration , then install VMware boot on the new device and then restore the backed up configuration.

To backup ESXi host configuration, follow the below link

Below are 2 quick steps to backup the Host configuration
1. Goto C:Program Files (x86)VMwareVMware vSphere CLIPerlbin
It is important that you goto the above location and run commands from this location due to Environment and Path variable issues.
2. Now run a command like below
“C:Program Files (x86)VMwareVMware vSphere” –server=host ip address username=root -s “C:some_folderhost1_ESXi_backup.txt”

You can also use Host Profiles for this purpose.

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