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HTML5 plugin is not attaching to vCenter

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If VirtuCache HTML5 plugin fails to attach to vCenter, then it is most likely that the vcenter credentials that you used to log into VirtuCache manager GUI don’t have the appropriate rights to install the plugin in vCenter.

To fix this issue follow the below steps:

  1. First check if the VirtuCache plugin shows up in the vCenter MOB (https://vcenter IP adress/MOB), if so then log into https://vcenter IP address/MOB with administrator credentials and delete it by following the instructions on this link.
  2. Then reboot VirtuCache manager VM to clear cached credentials.
  3. Then log in to VirtuCache manager VM (credentials are virtucache / virtucache ) and type “tail -f /var/log/apache/error.log”. This will keep the error log window open when you follow step 4 below.
  4. Then login to the VirtuCache manager standalone web GUI with vcenter administrator credentials, and register the plugin again.
  5. The plugin should register fine. If the plugin still doesn’t register then send Virtunet support the log lines shown on the VirtuCache manager console screen from step 3 above.
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