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If VFRC or Host Swap Cache was being used prior to VirtuCache, please remove Virtual Flash Resource in VMware

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VirtuCache and VFRC cannot co-exist on the same ESXi host or cluster, and there is no reason to use VFRC or Host Swap cache if VirtuCache is being used, since VirtuCache provides more functionality than VFRC or Host Swap Cache. Functionality of VFRC or Host Swap Cache is a subset of the functionality provided by VirtuCache.

To disable VFRC and make the SSD that is being used by VFRC available to VirtuCache, follow the below steps.

1. On the host that you want to install VirtuCache, ensure that the VMs are not using SSD for VFRC. You can goto Edit Settings for the VM > Expand Hard Disk tab > ensure that Virtual Flash Read Cache is assigned 0 GB for the VM.

Do this for all VMs on the host.

2. Ensure that Virtual Flash resource is not being used by Host Swap Cache.

Goto the host>Configure tab>Virtual Flash Host Swap cache Config> Edit> Uncheck Enable Virtual Flash  Host Swap Cache box

3. Make sure there are no Datastores on the SSD (even if there are no VMs in the SSD VMFS Datastore, there might be Host Swap Cache on this Datastore)

4. Remove Virtual Flash Resource

Host > Configure > Virtual Flash > Virtual Flash Resource Management > Remove All

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