Peer connections not established if hosts in a cluster have different VirtuCache build number

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If the VirtuCache driver build numbers of the hosts in the same ESXi cluster are different, then VirtuCache doesn’t create peer connections between hosts with mismatched build numbers, and hence any VirtuCache tasks that require such a connection over the replication network, don’t happen. So read directs and write replication will not happen. Also, vmotions for VMs doing high IO might get aborted.

These problems will also happen if one or more hosts in the cluster have a different VirtuCache build number and other hosts had different build numbers installed before, but VirtuCache is now uninstalled on those hosts.

The build number is the last 4 numbers of the caching driver vib file that precedes the file extension (.vib), so VirtuCache driver file name of the type vnx2-1.0-1vmw., tells us that the build number is 2668.
You can also find the same build number by going to esxcli and typing this command:
esxcli software vib list | grep vnx2
The last four numbers for the vnx2 line item (highlighted in bold below as an example), that is output from this command, is the build number.
vnx2 1.0-1vmw.         Virtunet_Systems         PartnerSupported         2019-09-07

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