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Resetting stats in VirtuCache Manager GUI

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Stats are stored in a database within the VirtuCache Manager VM.

The easiest way to reset stats is to shut down and then delete the existing VirtuCache manager and importing the VirtuCache Manager OVA again. Simply rebooting the VirtuCache manager VM will not reset the stats.

The only way to reset stats without re-importing the manager VM is more complicated, but you can do so by following the below steps.

– ssh to VirtuCache manager VM (userid / password to the VirtuCache manager VM is virtucache / virtucache )

$ sudo -s

# service apache2 stop

# cd /var/www/wsgi/vnx2mgr

# python shell

>> from core.models import *

>> for x in VmStatsEntry.objects.all(): x.delete()

> exit()

# service apache2 start

NB: Super user password (prompted by sudo command) is the password for the virtucache user (default is “virtucache”)


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