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Retrieving logs to debug issues in VirtuCache / Exporting support bundle with logs

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VirtuCache related issues could affect the host, VM(s) or the VirtuCache GUI/vCenter plugin.

VirtuCache issues that affect Host and/or VM performance or stability are always because of the VirtuCache driver software.

First step is to let us know the name of the host and VM(s) affected; your time zone (relative to UTC Time); and date and time the issues occurred in local time.

Second step is to send us all the logs. Some logs roll over quickly, so its best to collect the logs as soon as the issue happens.

There are two ways to collect the logs. One way is to get the specific logs manually. This results in smaller size of log data collected, but requires some effort to locate the appropriate log files which are in different locations. The other alternative is to download the entire support bundle for the host. This is easier to do but results in a larger volume of data collected.

To collect logs manually.

If you decide to collect the logs manually then do the below:

If there are VirtuCache driver issues that affect the host or VM(s), from the esxcli, run ls –l on /var/log/ location, this will tell you the original location for vmkwarning.log, vmkernel.log and vnxd.log. Please collect all vmkwarning .gz, vmkernel .gz and vnxd .gz files and also the current vmkwarning.log, vmkernel.log and vnxd.log.You can collect these logs using WinSCP manually. If the issues are specific to certain VM(s), please also collect all the vmware*.log from the corresponding VM folder in the datastore.

To collect logs using support bundle feature in vclient.

Instead of collecting logs manually, you could download the support bundle for the host using vclient. You can do this in two ways.  The first way is to connect to the ESXi host using a browser, goto Actions > Generate Support bundle. This method works consistently for all ESXi versions, including 6.7.
The second way is to connect to vCenter using the Flash client, right click on host > Export System Logs. Please make sure that these options are checked – VirtualMachines (corefiles and logs), System (CoreDumps and CoreDumpPartition), and Logs. These options are checked by default. This options works for vcenter version 6.5 or earlier.

This will retrieve the support bundle that contains all kernel logs (vmk* logs), VM logs (from Datastorevmware*), and core dumps (if any).

Logs relating to VirtuCache GUI or vCenter Plugin

If VirtuCache GUI or VirtuCache vCenter plugin has performance issues or issues with displaying data, then we need the application server logs from the VirtuCache manager VM. In this case we don’t need the vCenter support bundle / host logs.

To collect application server logs from the VirtuCache manager VM,  login to the VirtuCache manager VM (use virtucache with password virtucache), WinSCP to VirtuCache Manager works if you use SFTP (port 22) and SCP (port 22), FTP (port 21) doesn’t work. And extract /var/log/apache2/error.log

Uploading logs to Virtunet FTP site.

Once you have extracted the logs, please follow this KB article for instructions to upload logs to our FTP site.

Instructions to upload VMware and VirtuCache logs to Virtunet Google Drive or FTP location

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