Script to find VMs with duplicate UUIDs

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If you want to find out all the VMs in the vCenter that share the same BIOS UUID, please run the attached python script from within VirtuCache Manager VM by following the steps below:

1. Download this check_dup_vm_uuids zip file and unzip it to get the file.

2. SCP the script to the /tmp/ folder of the VirtuCache Manager appliance.
– username/password: virtucache/virtucache

3. SSH into the VirtuCache Manager appliance and execute the following commands:

sudo -s
# the above will ask for the password, it is the same password: virtucache
mv /tmp/ /var/www/wsgi/vnx2mgr/
cd /var/www/wsgi/vnx2mgr/
python -s <vcenter-ip> -u <username>
# e.g.
python -s -u ‘[email protected]
# it will prompt for the vCenter password

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