Setting IOPS limit for path switch over for Round Robin PSP

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Some storage vendors recommend to use Round Robin PSP and to switch between paths for every IOP. By default, for the VMware Round Robin PSP, storage IO switches between paths when IOPS count of 1000 is reached, but some storage vendors recommend switching paths for every IOP (IOPS count of 1). VMware supports this feature in its Round Robin PSP ( ).
We support it in the VirtuCache Round Robin PSP as well (VNX_PSP_RR). Just like with the VMware RR PSP, our default IOPS count for switching paths is 1000, but you can adjust it to any IOPS count.

Below is the esxcli command to set the IOPS count to 1 for VirtuCache Round Robin PSP (VNX_PSP_RR).

esxcli storage nmp psp generic deviceconfig set -d -c=type=iops,iops=1
esxcli storage nmp psp generic deviceconfig set -d naa.60000000000000000e00000000010001 -c=type=iops,iops=1

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