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VAAI Plugin Dependency for VirtuCache

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VirtuCache has a dependency on VAAI plugins installed on the VMware host. Typically a storage vendor specific VAAI plugin is the exception since most storage vendors use VMware’s VAAI. However some storage appliances (especially the older ones, who delivered full VAAI support before VMware) do deploy their own custom VAAI plugin on the VMware hosts, in which case VirtuCache needs to comply with this VAAI plugin.
VirtuCache 2.0 is tested and validated with the below custom VAAI plugins:
HP Left Hand Networks (VMW_VAAIP_LHN or VMW_VAAI_LHN), EMC Clariion and VNX (VMW_VAAIP_CX or VMW_VAAI_CX), Hitachi Data Systems (VMW_VAAIP_HDS or VMW_VAAI_HDS), EMC Symmetrix (VMW_VAAI_SYMM), Dell Equallogic (VMW_VAAIP_EQL), Netapp (VMW_VAAIP_NETAPP).

The way to find out if you have a storage vendor specific VAAI plugin or not is by running this command at ESXi CLI: esxcli storage core plugin list. If you run this command and see only NMP and MP listed, then you don’t have a vendor specific VAAI plugin. If this command lists any of the above listed VAAI plugins or if no VAAI plugins are listed then VirtuCache complies with this environment. If you see a VAAI plugin of the type VMW_VAAIP_* that is not listed above, then please contact Virtunet to confirm if VirtuCache will work with your plugin.

For further details on how VirtuCache supports specific VAAI Write Same, Clone, and ATS commands please refer to the PDF document at VAAI support matrix VirtuCache

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