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Veeam Instant Recovery Support

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VirtuCache supports Veeam Instant Recovery only if the original VM is either not present or shutdown AND storage vmotion is used to promote the Instantly Recovered VM to production.

Veeam prerequisites for Instant Recovery lists that the original VM should be shutdown:

“If you restore a machine to the production network, make sure that the original machine is powered off to avoid conflicts.” on the link

Also if Veeam proprietary protocol (Veeam Quick Migration) is used to┬ámigrate Instantly Recovered VM to production (as is the case when the customer is licensed for VMware Essentials Plus or lower), then there will now be two VMs in the cluster with the same UUIDs and VirtuCache won’t support this situation. In this case the VM power-on will get stuck after migration is complete.

To work around this situation, uninstall VirtuCache from the host (in case of Write-Through caching) or the entire cluster (in case of Write-Back caching). Proceed with Veeam instant recovery and once the VM is migrated to production, reinstall VirtuCache on hosts.

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