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Hosts not showing in VirtuCache GUI

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If the VirtuCache GUI is not refreshing or host(s) are not showing. Then first try using Chrome (instead of IE) . If this issue persists, log off the GUI and log back on. If the issue still persists, then ensure that the hosts are in a VMware cluster. Even if you have a single host, it should be in a VMware cluster, since VirtuCache is a clustered caching software and relies on VMware clustering.

The most common config issue we have seen is that the hosts are assigned to a VMware datacenter, but not a VMware cluster. Datacenter icon in vCenter Flex Client looks like this.Datacenter Icon. Cluster icon looks like thisCluster Icon. VirtuCache GUI will not show any hosts in the GUI even if all the host(s) are assigned to a VMware datacenter. We need the host(s) assigned to a VMware cluster.

Now if you have installed VirtuCache caching driver vib before you created the VMware cluster and assigned hosts to it, then you will need to unload the caching driver and re-load it. Instructions to unload/load driver are here:

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