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VirtuCache support for VSAN

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The most common deployment scenario with VSAN is clustering locally attached storage and present such storage as shared datastores to VMs on the same nodes/ESXi hosts. In this situation VirtuCache will not support VSAN since VSAN is using a proprietary protocol to connect to ESXi hosts/VMs.
Now the VMware KB article
states that VSAN can use iSCSI, but that:
  • Currently not supported for use as a target for other vSphere hosts.
  • Currently not supported for use with virtual machines.

As a result VirtuCache won’t support VSAN using iSCSI.

However VSAN and VirtuCache can co-exist on the same host provided VirtuCache is caching from networked storage appliance to a SSD that is entirely assigned to VirtuCache, and VSAN is using separate SSDs on the same host. Essentially if the storage IO path of VSAN and VirtuCache are isolated from each other, then VSAN and VirtuCache can coexist on the same host.

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