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VMs with Duplicate UUIDs when using Veeam Instant Recovery

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VMware VMs have two UUIDs – BIOS UUID and instance UUID.

VirtuCache doesn’t support Write-Back policy where multiple VMs in the same vCenter share the same BIOS UUID, even if these VMs have different Instance UUIDs.

When using Veeam Instant Recovery to restore a VM, there is one situation where the recovered VM and the original VM share the same BIOS UUID. First of all, it is rare for the original VM to even exist when you perform the Instant Recovery process in VM (since the main purpose of Veeam Instant Recovery is to recover a VM that has failed). But if the original VM is still running and in parallel, you are also trying to Instantly Recover that VM, then both VMs will share the same BIOS UUID when Veeam Quick Migration is used to migrate the instantly recovered VM to production. If storage vMotion is used to migrate the Instantly Recovered VM to production, then the BIOS UUIDs are different.

Note that Veeam discourages both the VMs from running at the same time. Veeam’s documentation on this link says this – “If you restore a machine to the production network, make sure that the original machine is powered off to avoid conflicts.”

The workaround for this problem is to move the original VM to uncached or Write-Through caching mode before you begin the Instant Recovery process.

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