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Vmware Replication is supported

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VMware vSphere Replication is functionality in VMware that allows Vmware customers to replicate their VMs to another location for disaster recovery purposes.

vSphere replication can work standalone or along with VMware Site Recovery Manager.

vSphere replication uses agents in ESXi hosts to track changed blocks using internal vSCSI interfaces in VMware and convey these changed block to the remote location. vSphere replication virtual appliances at both primary and DR locations co-ordinate this process.

VirtuCache fully supports vSphere Replication running in a standalone fashion or along with SRM and without any administrative overhead.

Just a note, that none of our competition supports caching VMs that are replicated using vSphere replication, since vSphere replication cannot work with VMs that have Storage Policies that uses VMware IO filters. And all our competition require Io filters based storage policies.

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