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Healthcare : Virtualizing CPSI and improving end user response times for CPSI running in VMs


Virtunet's services and software helped Klickitat Valley Health (KVH) migrate CPSI EMR software from physical hardware to virtual. Our quote for P2V and enterprise wide hardware refresh for KVH was comparable to the quote from CPSI for just the CPSI HIS hardware upgrade.

Virtunet Write-Back Caching Improves the Performance of EMC VNX Appliance Without Requiring Any Appliance or SAN Upgrade

  Accelerating EMC VNX appliances is a popular use case for Virtunet’s VirtuCache host side caching software.
EMC’s VNX appliances have 3 shortcomings that VirtuCache fixes without touching the SAN and Appliance,
  1. They are expensive in terms of $/IOPS
  2. Even the high-end VNX 7500 can accommodate only 2TB of SSDs per appliance
  3. SSDs in the VNX that are used for tiering data from HDDs do not cache writes, hence writes are not accelerated

There are two ways to improve the performance of VNX. One is to install EMC’s FastCache SSDs in the appliance, the other is to use VirtuCache host side caching software to cache data from VNX to in-host SSDs.

Lt. Governor (retd.) Cruz Bustamante joins Virtunet Systems Advisory Board

San Jose, CA.

April 27, 2015.

Virtunet Systems, a market leader in Server Side Storage Acceleration Software announced today that Lt. Governor (retd.) Cruz Bustamante has joined Virtunet Systems Advisory Board.

Cruz Bustamante has had a distinguished career in American politics. He was the 45th Lieutenant Governor of California, having served with Governors Gray Davis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has also served as the Speaker of the California State Assembly, a Regent at the University of California, a Trustee of California State University System and President’s appointee to the US Census Bureau.

Darwin Kauffman to advise Virtunet Systems on OEM Strategy

San Jose, CA and Eden Prairie, MN. March 22, 2015. Virtunet Systems is pleased to announce that Darwin Kauffman has decided to join Virtunet Systems' advisory board. Mr. Kauffman is advising Virtunet Systems on OEM strategy for Server, Storage, and SSD OEMs. Mr. Kauffman has held numerous leadership positions in Enterprise storage products. Most recently he was VP of SSD Product Management for Seagate Technology. Prior to that he was the VP and General Manager of WD Enterprise storage products including high cap and cold storage products. Previous to Western Digital he held numerous engineering and product management leadership roles at Seagate for 20 years. He is a graduate from LeTourneau University, Longview, TX, where he earned a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering Tech. Mr. Kauffman holds an MBA from Spears School of Business, Stillwater, OK, Oklahoma State University.

VirtuCache used to Improve Hadoop Performance within VMs at Stanford

stanford med 2

Typically Hadoop workloads are run on bare-metal servers. However since Stanford’s School of Medicine was 100% virtualized, and because their monitoring and management tools were integrated within VMware, it was easier for them to deploy Hadoop within VMs, instead of provisioning new physical servers.

The biggest challenge Stanford faced with Hadoop VMs was low throughput and high latencies for writes to disk.

VirtuCache was deployed on VMware hosts along with a 800 GB Intel S3500 SSD in each host. The 800GB S3500 costs $800 and does about 60MBps Write IOPS and 180MBps Read IOPS at under 10ms latencies from within VMs. With VirtuCache, all recent writes were written to this SSD and all frequently used data was read from this same SSD. The writes were then asynchronously synced with SAS based shared disks. As is standard configuration with VirtuCache, all writes to local SSD were replicated to two others SSDs in two different VMware hosts to prevent against data loss in case the local SSD or local host failed.

By ensuring that most of the storage IO happened to the local in-host SSD, we ensured consistently low latencies even for bursty write-intensive workloads from within Hadoop VMs.

VirtuCache is the ONLY solution in the market that can accelerate writes from local disk based storage with a kernel only deployment. A kernel only deployment ensures very low latencies compared with a VM based solution (as is the case with most of our competition).

As a result, deploying VirtuCache resulted in a 6-10X improvement in write latencies for Hadoop workloads from within VMs.

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