VMware’s VAIO Compatibility List for Host Side Caching Software now lists Virtunet

VMware’s VAIO Compatibility List for Host Side Caching Software now lists Virtunet

This link on VMware’s website states that Virtunet is now on the Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for VMware’s API for IO Filter (VAIO).

Of Marketing Value But Not Engineering Value.

Its great to be on VMware HCL for Host Side Caching software since some customers now might feel more comfortable with our software. But just to be clear, this statement of support from VMware, doesn’t change either the features of VirtuCache, or the support escalation path for customers if there are technical issues in VirtuCache.

We support all ESXi 5.x and 6.x versions in exactly the same way.

VMware HCL Myth I – That VMware Supports VMware Certified Products.

I want to dispel the myth that being on VMware HCL means that the software is supported by VMware. This is not true. VirtuCache is supported by Virtunet only. It cannot be supported by VMware simply because they don’t have our source code.

VMware HCL Myth II – That being on HCL Improves the Product.

In no way does being on VMware HCL improve VirtuCache features, since feature/function decisions are entirely Virtunet’s and not VMware’s.

Also being on HCL doesn’t mean better interoperability with VMware. There is no interoperability testing that VMware does separately from what we have already done for VirtuCache.

The Only Thing HCL Listing Means is a Confirmation from VMware that VirtuCache is Using VMware APIs.

In simple terms, being on VMware HCL means that VMware confirms that Virtunet is using VMware’s APIs to develop its host side caching software, and allows us to display the ‘VMware Ready’ logo on our marketing materials.

We have been using VMware APIs for the past 8 years. There is simply no way for us or anyone to develop host side caching software without access to VMware APIs. However its only now that we are listed on the HCL, since we didn’t want to pay a premium that VMware required, for us to fast track our listing. We made this decision because the listing didn’t really add value to our customers and was only a nice to have.

Authored by Parag Patkar, CEO, Virtunet Systems. July 31, 2019.