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Virtunet Announces VirtuRAID Controller Card

Virtunet Announces VirtuRAID Controller Card

San Mateo, CA, USA. March 7, 2023.

Virtunet’s new VirtuRAID controller card, scales capacity of a single RAID array to 552TB, supporting a maximum of 92GBps of local storage throughput. This makes it the highest capacity card on the market with the ability to linearly scale performance as NVME SSDs are added.

VirtuRAID is able to accomplish this type of scale and performance because of two architectural advantages versus the rest of the RAID controllers on the market – (1) it can scale to 46 NVME drives in a single RAID array; (2) It can use TeraBytes of server RAM with this RAID array resulting in millisecond latencies for all storage IO serviced by VirtuRAID.

VirtuRAID is aimed at PetaByte scale storage repositories in the fields of genetics, video surveillance, analytics, oil & gas, GIS, and media processing. VirtuRAID supports any Linux server Operating System, and ESXi 7 and 8.

Author: Margaret Fisk, Technical Marketing, Virtunet Systems, [email protected]

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