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Virtunet Introduces Service Provider Licensing for VirtuCache

Virtunet Introduces Service Provider Licensing for VirtuCache

San Mateo, CA, USA. September 1, 2020.

Virtunet has launched pay-as-you-go pricing, specifically for Service Providers. It lets Infrastructure-as-a-Service Providers pay Virtunet on a monthly basis based on the number of ESXi host CPUs in use by VirtuCache.

Below are its main highlights and restrictions.

  1. Our Service Provider pricing is on a per CPU basis.
  2. This pricing starts at $80 / month / CPU for a minimum of 20 CPUs.
  3. Contract duration: There is an initial 6 month contract period, after which, the customer can choose to renew the contract for any duration less than 3 years. The customer can also choose to go month-to-month.
  4. Price Lock: Pricing is locked in for the duration of the contract. There is no price lock for a month-to-month arrangement.
  5. Customer gets full featured VirtuCache.
  6. Customer needs to install VirtuCache on all ESXi hosts in an ESXi cluster.
  7. Tailored licensing for larger Service Providers: Instead of billing on a per CPU month basis, we can customize our billing based on other usage parameters that VirtuCache collects like total volume of read and write bytes processed by VirtuCache, and cache capacity used. Any custom licensing and billing involves  an additional one time professional services charge.
  8. Usage Reporting: Customer needs to ensure https connectivity from VirtuCache management appliance deployed at the customer to Virtunet’s publicly hosted licensing server. VirtuCache management appliance reports VirtuCache usage to Virtunet’s licensing server which allows Virtunet to bill the customer monthly and extend VirtuCache licenses each month. Care is taken to report only those parameters that are directly involved in VirtuCache billing. We don’t transmit any other parameters to our licensing server.
  9. Alternate Perpetual Licensing: For comparison sake, here is a link that lists our two perpetual licensing models. Service providers can choose these licensing options as well.
Author: Parag Patkar, CEO, Virtunet Systems, [email protected]


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