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PernixData’s FVP vs. Virtunet – Both VMware Kernel Write Caching Software

PernixData’s FVP vs. Virtunet – Both VMware Kernel Write Caching Software

PernixData FVP was end-of-lifed in 2019.

More similar than different

Both us and PernixData differentiate from rest of the host side caching vendors in similar ways – that we are kernel-mode software; both of us cache reads and writes; have data protection strategies to prevent data loss in case of multiple simultaneous host failure; do not require networking or storage to be reconfigured; and do not require agents per VM or VM per host.

This article is the first in a series of two articles that compare our software versus PernixData FVP. The second article compares the GUI and configuration steps between our two software.

Feature Virtunet VirtuCache PernixData FVP
Kernel-mode software deployed on the hosts. Managed using vCenter plugin / web GUI Yes Yes
Operating Systems supported ESXi 5.x, 6.x, 7.x ESXi 5.x, 6.0
Caches hot data from any SAN storage appliance Yes Yes
Caches reads and writes Yes Yes
In case of write caching, prevents data loss if a host fails Yes Yes
Continuously syncs write cache from in-host Flash or RAM to backend storage appliance Yes Yes
Signed and certified by VMware Yes Yes
Supports any in-host high-speed media – SSD (SATA, SAS, PCIe, NVME) and/or RAM as caching media Yes. You can cache to RAM, Flash, or a mix of both Yes, though FVP supports either RAM or Flash, not a mix of both
Supports all VMware editions – Essentials and higher Yes Yes

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