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Enterprise Backup Storage

Low Cost Enterprise On-Premises Backup Storage. By not using dedupe, compression, and RAID, and using high capacity HDDs in CEPH based VirtuStor storage, we arrive at competitive $/terabyte for backup and disaster recovery purposes.

Primary On-Premise Storage

Why Not Primary Storage? CEPH storage though open source is being used by cloud service providers at Petabyte scale, so why not use the same CEPH software for on-premises enterprise storage that have smaller capacity needs, but similar requirements for low latency and high availability. Virtunet Systems’ VirtuStor software is…

Low Cost Video Storage

By not using dedupe, compression, or RAID, using slow HDDs in centralized storage, and moving SSDs to compute hosts, we arrived at low price per capacity and performance for video storage. Here are unique requirements of video storage, some are obvious and others not so much, that inspired us to…

Improve Storage Performance

Data intensive applications running within VMs are often plagued by storage latency issues. By caching LUN data to a SSD in the ESXi host, and then serving more and more IO from this SSD, VirtuCache improves storage performance for each VM. VirtuCache has better $/IOPS, $/GB and latencies than storage controller based caching/tiering.

Improve VDI Performance

Successful deployments of VDI require fast boot times and quick response times within virtual desktops even at times of peak load. By caching ‘hot’ data to a SSD in the ESXi host, we eliminate the latencies in the network, storage controller and disk based storage subsystem, ensuring low latencies at all times.

Increase VM Density

Storage latency is typically the primary bottleneck that prevents higher VM density. By reducing storage latencies, VirtuCache allows larger number of VMs to be deployed on each ESXi host, resulting in lower VMware licensing costs, reduced hardware utilization costs, rack space and power requirements.

Postpone SAN Upgrade

For improving storage performance, deploying VirtuCache with a SSD in the ESXi Host is a higher throughput & lower latency alternative than upgrading the SAN and the storage appliance. It is also much cheaper, because unlike a SAN upgrade, our solution does not require that customers replace their older HBAs, SAN switch, and storage appliance. Installing VirtuCache on the ESXi host is also not disruptive to the customer’s existing SAN infrastructure.

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