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What are the different components required for deploying VirtuCache ?

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Components needed for a deploying VirtuCache are
1. VirtuCache Manager VM distributed as .OVA file. This VM contains both the centralized management application for managing VirtuCache across multiple ESXi Hosts. VirtuCache Manager is installed in one VM per vCenter. Once VirtuCache Manager VM is deployed, administrators can manage VirtuCache installed on each ESXi host managed by that vCenter instance using either vSphere Client (with the vCenter plug-in) or a web based GUI. This VM also contains the VirtuCache Driver bundled within it. You will use the VirtuCache Manager VM to install the Driver in VMware ESXi Hosts that you want accelerated. VirtuCache Driver is responsible for caching data from Backend Disk(s) to Cache Device for that ESXi Host.

2. SSD to be installed in the Server.